Microist: Give Your Status for a Cause

On March 20, 2012, Ecorazzi is holding our first #MicroistDay benefiting Water.org. On this day, we will dedicate our entire social media influence to spread the word about the water crisis, the solutions, and the work of Water.org to create safe and sustainable access to water for the nearly one billion people without it.

In order to make an even larger impact, we are forming a team of individuals and businesses that want to join us. Be a micro-activist with us and join us to be a Microist on March 20!
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Fertile Earth Foundation will receive: $57.30 from 45 Microists


Fertile Earth Foundation was created to educate, inspire and spark change in the community. By hosting events that showcase topics relating to how corporations can lessen their footprint on Earth. They aim to bring abundance, health and self-sufficiency to the community through these events. Fertile Earth Foundation also supports environmentally focused research and bringing sustainable ideas to South Florida. Donations go towards hosting these important events for community education.

An excerpt from their most recent blog, “Tradegy at the Worm Farm”

Three weeks ago our worm farm was wiped out by an infestation of flatworms -parasitic, invasive, prolific breeders whose favorite meal happens to be earthworms.  On Saturday, when we gone through most of the beds…I realized that we had lost 95% of our worms…

… There was no turning back, no salvaging more worms.  The worms were gone.  Partly out of negligence and ignorance (I had NO idea that flatworms were an issue and it wasn’t even on my radar) and partly just pure luck.  It turns out that this is a very rare occurrence that hasn’t been heard of for 5 years in Florida and even the top vermiculturists in the US know little to nothing about it.

In the end, I guess if you take everything that happens as a learning experience, there’s always a benefit, no matter how ‘tragic’ it might seem at the moment. I’ve never met a worm farmer that didn’t lose his/her crop at one point or another. I guess if worm farming were easy, there would be more people doing it. I think I’m wiser and more knowledgeable from this experience and I’m just happy that it happened at the beginning than a couple years down the road. Now we know what to look out for. And I think the saying is true - what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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